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Orchard Road ELC update Term 4 2022

2022, what a big year it has been. This year we celebrated our 5th birthday party, completed a full year without disruptions (lockdowns or remote learning) we welcomed many new families, children and staff across kinder and LDC, as well as stage one of the outdoor yard being revamped. This year we introduced 2 community […]

Galada Kindergarten update Term 4 2022

What a wonderful and busy term we had at Galada Kindergarten. All children acknowledged many different cultural events including Diwali and Halloween and celebrating Children’s Week. We had number of incursions including the Dentist’s visit, Butterfly Adventures Live Butterfly Chrysalist kit, SoccaJoeys and AFL. The children also participated in a reading challenge and reached a […]

Eucalyptus Parade update Term 4 2022

This term was exceptional and emotional at Eucalyptus Parade Kindergarten as we were heading towards the end of our first year of operation. The time our teachers and educators spent with the children and their families was precious and will stay with us for a very long time. We are proud of how all children […]

Kirrip Kindergarten update Term 4 2022

Can you believe your children has completed a full year of kindergarten already? Time goes by so quickly. What a great year we have had! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful year. It has been a pleasure teaching your children and getting to know you all. This term […]

The Heights Kindergarten update Term 4 2022

What a journey the Heights kinder has been on this year especially from July. The service went under new management as the parent committee stepped away. We had some educators resign as their life circumstances changed but great to hear they have stayed within the Y on a casual basis. We had Judy mash retire […]

Mill Park Heights Child Care updates Term 4 2022

Its so hard to believe that we have reached the end of the year. Term 4 has been so busy for the children and educators. We celebrated lots of special days, Halloween, Diwali, we had a community visit from the police and also enjoyed an incursion from the Animal Farm. All the children worked really […]

Orchard Road ELC Update Term 3 2022

The past term we have seen many rooms/groups venture out into the local community. All our 4 year old Kinder groups commenced a 9 week bush kinder program. This program allowed children to explore the local parks, wildlife, and fauna. Some of the kinder groups even stopped by the local remote aeroplane club house. Our […]

Diggers Rest update Term 3 2022

This month at Diggers we have been busy celebrating the change of season!!! It’s Springtime!! Spring is a fantastic time to learn about how plants and flowers grow and bloom. Learn about why there is an abundance of insect’s life around and how to stay Sun Smart now that the sun will be out more, […]

Eucalyptus Parade update Term 3 2022

Eucalyptus Parade Kindergarten had an exciting Term 3! In week 2 of Term 3, the children explored the role of police officers within our community. The educational session was followed by the Epping Police officers visiting our centre. The children had the opportunity to sit in a police car and hit the lights and sirens. […]

Mill Park Heights Child Care updates Term 3 2022

Book Week Throughout our Centre our children love books, reading and coming together to listen to stories being read.  Book Week is an opportunity to celebrate our love for books and further celebrate early childhood literacy and learning. During book week our children had the opportunity to engage with a wide range of texts and […]

Galada update Term 3 2022

Term 3 was very busy at Galada Kindergarten. The children started the term by exploring the Indigenous culture as they participated in hands-on activities related to NAIDOC Week. Exploring different cultures led us to develop and enhance children’s understanding of the importance of friendships and peace within our environments. The groups continued their nature walks, […]

Kirrip Updates Term 3 2022

Incursion Week Incursion participation at kindergarten promotes children’s development in many areas which include the opportunity for social engagement, shared learning opportunity, access to resources, cognitive and physical development and increased collaboration. During Term 3 we celebrated footy week and what a fantastic way to celebrate the end of term with a footy program from […]

Orchard Road Site Update June 2022

Wow! Winter already!? It has been a truly engaging term for the team at ORCELC who have created many wonderful learning opportunities for the children in the last few months. We have celebrated and acknowledge many milestones and events including Book Week, Mother’s Day, The Y’s 178th birthday just to name a few. We also […]

Mill Park Heights Site Update June 2022

It is wonderful to see our families in person and being able to have face-to-face interactions once again! Welcome to all of our new families who have just joined us. It has been a busy term so far and we have had a lot of fun along the way. Our centre has spent the last […]

Kirrip Site Update June 2022

Term 2 has flown by! Kirrip Kindergarten would like to thank all families for their engagement and commitment to our kindergarten and community. We were excited to be connected to families during this term as we had the opportunity to have families engage in our environments as we celebrated Mother’s Day morning tea. We look […]

Galada Site Update June 2022

Term 2 was very exciting for our children at Galada Kindergarten! The children participated in various educational activities and acknowledged special days and celebrations including ANZAC day, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, and most recent Reconciliation Week. Throughout the term, our educators demonstrated to the children the importance of building positive relationships and promoting peace and kindness […]

Eucalyptus Parade Site Update June 2022

This term, it has been amazing to watch the children confidently explore our learning environments. Our incredible children have demonstrated their social skills by participating and initiating interactions with one another. They showed a lot of interest in emergency services and on many occasions used loose parts to build a safe space as well as […]

Diggers Rest Site Update June 2022

Busy, busy, busy as always here at Diggers Rest Early Learning Centre! It has been a very cold start to winter this year, but that hasn’t stopped the fun here at the centre! As we expected many chilly and rainy days, we prepared lots of exciting indoor learning activities. We have loved playing with our […]

Understanding Loose Parts Play

What is loose parts play and why do we provide this experience in early learning? What is Loose Parts Play? The loose parts play theory is based on the idea that when children are presented with a collection of small objects (i.e., loose parts), they have more opportunities for creativity and engagement as they rearrange, […]


Welcome to our very first newsletter for our wonderful families from Eucalyptus Parade Kindergarten! We are thrilled that you and your children have become a part of our new community and a part of the Y Whittlesea. Happy friendships This term our team concentrated on setting up an inclusive, inviting and stimulating environments for all […]


Celebrations What a cracking start to the year! We have enjoyed celebration after celebration – learning about different cultures and diversity. Some celebrations included St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Holi and Harmony Day. The more knowledge the better Our team is always looking to expand our knowledge and we were recently lucky enough to be inspired […]

GALADA UPDATE – April 2022

It has been a terrific first term and we would like to thank all the parents and guardians for your connection to our kindergarten and for the commitment and hard work in supporting your children to be ready for learning. Learning about diversity This term, the children have been busy settling into their new environments, […]


As the weather gets cooler, we have been spending more time indoors and using our imaginations to come up with new activities for the winter. For example, we have been telling stories using props and improvising with recycled materials. We have also been enjoying ooey, gooey mud play. Not only is this messy mud play […]


Welcome to all of our new families who started this year at MPHCCC! We love supporting our children and families and are humbled to be a part of their development. And a big welcome back to our current families for yet another year of fun. Let’s dive into the fun and celebrations we have been […]

KIRRIP UPDATE – April 2022

Wow! What an incredible term it has been at Kirrip Kindergarten! It has been fantastic to see our facility slowly transform into an incredible space for sessional kindergarten and out of school hours care. And as usual, our kinder teams have been working effortlessly to build strong and lasting relationships with our families. Let’s take […]

Maze Easter Hunt

The Easter Bunny needs your help! The poor old Easter Bunny has lost FIVE Easter eggs that were meant to be delivered to children. See if you can help the Easter Bunny find the lost eggs in a tricky Easter maze.

Y Recipes – Carrot Cake

I N G R E D I E N T S 1 cup packed grated carrot (200g) 2 eggs (lightly beaten) ½ cup apple sauce (120g) ½ cup sultanas  ½ cup olive oil 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) 2 teaspoons vanilla essence 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup 1 ½ cup spelt flour (or normal flour) 2 teaspoons […]

ANZAC Day Colouring Sheet

In Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC Day is a day to remember the brave Aussies and Kiwis who served in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Ensuring that we never forget devastation of war and the sacrifices made by our ANZACs, activities such as colouring in sheets are a great way to introduce children to […]

Y Recipes – ANZAC Biscuits

Ingredients 1 cup plain flour 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup coconut 125 g butter 2 tbs golden syrup 1 tbs water 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda Method Sift the flour into a bowl. Add the sugar, rolled oats and coconut. Melt the butter in a saucepan, then add golden syrup […]

Y Recipes – Burritos

I N G R E D I E N T S 1 tablespoon olive oil  1 large brown onion, finely chopped  1 zucchini, grated 1 carrot, grated  1 teaspoon minced garlic  500g minced lean beef 2 teaspoons ground coriander  2 teaspoons ground cumin  2 tablespoons tomato paste 400g canned crushed tomatoes  250g can red kidney […]

Y Home Activities – Nature Creations

On a walk around your garden or around the local area, collect a range of natural items. Use these items to create pictures, collages or scenery boards! “Children are confident and involved learners”Outcome 4: Early Years Learning Framework & Framework for School Age Care Thanks to our friends at The Y Victoria Children’s Programs for this fun […]

Y Home Activities- Build Your Own Story

Who’s your character, where will they go, and what will they do? That’s all for you to decide in this fun, interactive activity. Let your imagination run wild as you decide how the story unfolds!  Here’s what you will need: Printed version of this activity (*see below if you don’t have access to a printer) […]

Y Home Activities – Self-Portrait

Encourage children to draw what they see in the mirror for a fun exploration of self-identity. Equipment Required: Paper Pencils/crayons Mirror Using either a fixed or hand held mirror, set children up so they have a good view of their faces and enough space for their paper and pencils. Simply tell them to draw what […]

Kindergarten Open Night!

Parents, carers and children are invited to visit our kindergartens to explore the facilities and speak to the teachers about the quality programs we offer. Details:📆 24th of February ⏱ 5:30pm – 7:30pm 😁 No Bookings Required For more information on our center’s before the open night you can select them below: Galada Kindergarten Orchard […]

Safeguarding at Our Kindergartens

The Y’s of Australia are committed to providing opportunities for all children and young people to grow in body mind and spirit and be protected from harm. At the Y Whittlesea, the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults is our highest priority. The right to be able to enjoy a […]

Sustainability at Our Kindergartens

Embedding sustainability into our everyday practices and program is something we strive for at our new Kirrip and Eucalyptus Parade Kindergartens. By teaching children about the importance of sustainable living, we are helping the children develop an understanding of our impact on the environment, and minimising our future impact on the world. Through hands-on experiences […]

Our Philosophy – The Y Whittlesea

At the Y Whittlesea, our Education and Care programs are guided by the National Quality Framework – Australia’s system for regulating early learning and school are care. This includes legislation and national quality standard, sector profiles and data, and learning frameworks. We are committed ensuring that our educators have access to quality training, mentorship and […]

Y Recipes – Ice Blocks

I N G R E D I E N T S 2 tablespoons honey 2 large bananas 2 cups low fat milk 1 cup low fat vanilla yoghurt 1 cup frozen mixed berries M E T H O D Add all ingredients to blender Blend for approximately 1 minute, until smooth and frothy Pour into […]

Orchard Road December Newsletter

That’s a wrap! Wow, it’s hard to believe that another year is finishing up. 2021 was another unpredictable year that we all experienced. Although it was unpredictable, we hope it also provided us with many learning opportunities and growth as individuals, as families, as a team and as a community. For the team at ORCELC, […]

Galada December Newsletter

This year has flown by so quickly and there has been so much happening this term at Galada. It was a culmination of a busy and very fun year – full of learning experiences, building relationships, and nurturing children’s interests. We incorporated learning about mindfulness and healthy eating throughout the term which will help establish […]

Mill Park Heights December Newsletter

Diwali On Thursday the 4th Diwali started, educators and children learnt about this celebration and how we could implement this into our program. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, children completed art work to symbolise this day. Preparing for our graduation and school Our Kinder children and teachers have been very busy the past […]

Kirrip December Newsletter

Welcome to Kirrip Kindergarten, our brand new kindergarten located in Wollert.  We are keen to open our doors and welcome families from 31st Jan 2022.  Our equipment is currently being unpacked in preparation for the start of the school year and we are really looking forward to having children and families join us.  When we […]

Diggers Rest December Newsletter

As the end of the year quickly closes in, we would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing it has been to share in your journey over the last twelve months. While 2021 much like 2020 has kept many of us physically apart for most of the year, we have really cherished all […]

What are the benefits of Water Play?

Energy Release – Children can find water play both calming or invigorating depending on the activity being presented. Can assist children who are overstimulated to help release the build up of energy. This can particularly be a great tool to use for regulating behaviour at home. Therapeutic Water Play – Water play doesn’t have to be […]

Joey’s Gym Returns!

Visit the Y Leisure City for some tumbles and fun in a casual Joey’s Gymnastics session! As a family of the Y, you can take up the special causal price of $7.50 per session. Simply let the reception staff know which centre your child attends to obtain this offer. Suitable for ages: 1-5 years old. Location: The Y […]


Sunbury Cobow Community Health are currently running weekly drop-in sessions for parents who might be concerned about the development of their baby or pre-school child, especially if they are having trouble talking, listening or learning.  Parents and carers can come along with their child and have a chat to one of our Speech Pathologists and/or […]


Raising Healthy Minds is a new app filled with tips and practical ideas to help parents and carers raise confident, resilient children aged 0-12. Developed by the highly respected Raising Children Network, the free app is designed by experts to promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing, allowing parents, carers and professionals to check on a child’s development […]

FREE Multilingual Kindergarten information sessions

City of Whittlesea will be hosting a series of 3 Kindergarten Information Sessions that will be delivered in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic. These sessions will commence as of Tuesday, 16 November 2021 and are targeted for families who are looking at commencing 3 or 4 year old kindergarten in 2022. Information below: Sessions will […]

Outreach for Kindergarten Enrolments

City of Whittlesea Support with Kindergarten enrolment for refugee and asylum seeker families. Experienced culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Outreach officers work directly with refugee and asylum seeker families and Early Years services to address engagement barriers and support transition and ongoing participation in education. CALD Outreach officers aim to increase engagement particularly among CALD […]

A Golden Rule of Parenting

Stop Thinking Everything You Do Is Wrong Parenting is hard, we are inundated with parenting advice from every man and their dog daily…  in the news, on social media, from other parents, or from overheard conversations in the grocery line. It’s no wonder that seeking out parenting advice, in general, can be a very overwhelming […]

‘Guess the Sound’ Learning Activity

Learning activity for ages 0-4 What you will need: Some of the following (or similar): a book to open and close coins to shake hands to clap paper or foil to crumple a backpack or clothes with a zip paper to tear a saucepan and spoon to bang anything else you might have to make […]

Orchard Road – October Update

At Orchard Road Community and Early Learning Centre, we are sure missing all of our friends and we can’t wait to have everyone back to join us. Please note that this month we will be sending out re-enrolment forms for next year and families on our waitlist will be offered spots that we are able […]

Why is Empathy Important?

Empathy is what sets us apart from machines enabling us to relate to other people and their experiences. It helps us understand people while yielding kindness. People with empathy have stronger personal connections and more meaningful and supportive relationships. It also instills another great personal trait in children – courage. For example, a study conducted […]

Mill Park Heights October Update

Educators Day On the 1st of September, we celebrated Educators Day. It was great that we were able to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate all our wonderful teachers! Julie put on a delicious lunch and provided all educators with a special gift just to say thank you. Sustainability at MPHCCC At MPHCCC, we […]

Diggers Rest October Update

We have been super busy at Diggers Rest Early Learning Centre, filling our days with lots of learning and fun activities! Fun in the Sun As our days get sunnier, we have been spending more and more time outside. It has been a blast working as a team to care for our yard and tend […]

Galada Kindergarten October Update

We have had such an amazing and busy Term 3 at Galada Kindergarten! We were incredibly lucky to be able to implement various learning experiences and celebrate different cultural events which led to some amazing learning opportunities for the children. Olympics feverDue to the children’s excitement surrounding the Olympic Games, we decided to host our […]

Y Home Activities – Letter Maze

When practicing gymnastics is not enough, do you see gymnastics everywhere? We’ve created a fun LETTER MAZE with a secret gymnastics word – can you follow the maze and solve the puzzle? Print it out and see if you can complete the maze!

Y Home Activities – Draw Philbert Doing Gymnastics

Have you met our mascot Philbert? He loves to stay active! We’ve got fun colouring sheets to download of Philbert doing gymnastics skills – click the link below to download and print. Why not try the skills he’s mastering once you’re finished?

Y Home Activities – Draw Philbert a Friend!

Philbert wants a new friend! Time to get creative and design one for him.  For this activity you will need a printer and something to draw with, OR a computer/laptop/iPad.  Don’t have a printer at home? That’s ok! Just grab a sheet of paper and draw away! 

Y Home Activities – Sink or Float!?

Grab something to write or type with, it’s time for an experiment!  In this activity, we give you a list of items to choose from and you have to guess whether they will sink or float. Then, with a parent present, you can collect the items and test them out either in your bathtub or […]

Y Home Activities – Self-Portraits

Encourage children to draw what they see in the mirror for a fun exploration of self-identity. Equipment Required: Paper Pencils/crayons Mirror Using either a fixed or hand held mirror, set children up so they have a good view of their faces and enough space for their paper and pencils. Simply tell them to draw what […]

Home Activities – Send a Letter

Encourage children to send a letter to someone they are missing. Draw a picture or write a letter to connect to the people and world around them. Equipment Required: Paper Pencils/crayons Envelope Stamp (if you will be posting the letter) This activity will encourage children to write letters, short notes or even draw a picture […]

Safeguarding – Environment

Our final pillar of our Safeguarding Framework is Environment. We commit to creating safe environments and spaces for Children and Young People at the Y. Our Commitment to creating a Safeguarding Environment comprise of: eSafety Physical Families and communities Diversity To view our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy click here.

Safeguarding – Operations

As part of our Safeguarding Framework we commit to creating safe operations to ensure Y People have the right policies, processes and practices to keep Children and Young People safe. Our Commitment to creating a Safeguarding Operations comprise of: People Policies and Procedures Practices Complaints To view our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy click here.

Safeguarding – Culture

The first pillar of our Safeguarding Framework is Culture. We are committed to creating a safe culture that empowers Children and Young People and promotes intergenerational leadership and governance to embed Safeguarding at the Y. Our commitment to achieving a Safeguarding Culture comprises of: Leadership Governance Empowerment Values and Behaviours Education and Training Continuous Improvements […]

Our Safeguarding Framework

To achieve our Safeguarding Vision, we have developed our Safeguarding Framework. At the heart of our Safeguarding Framework is our Safeguarding Vision, to ‘feel safe, be safe’. Our Safeguarding Vision stands on three Pillars: Culture Operations Environment These Pillars are comprised of 15 elements that enable our Y People to understand how Safeguarding directly relates […]

Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

  At the Y Whittlesea, the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults is our highest priority. The right to be able to enjoy a safe environment free from threats, abuse, neglect or exploitation is our service commitment. We work hard to ensure the safeguarding of children and young people is […]

Arts & Crafts Activity – Shaving Cream Finger Painting

Materials you will need: Tabletop Mirror Shaving cream Food colouring Toothbrushes Cotton buds How to create: Spray shaving cream onto tabletop or mirror. Add food colouring. Add imagination mixing and shaping the shaving cream with the toothbrush and cotton buds. Don’t worry if the shaving cream goes on other surfaces. It wipes off easily and […]

This Month’s Recipe – Zucchini Fritters

Ingredients: 1 ½ pounds zucchini, granted 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup grated parmesan 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 large egg, beaten Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 2 tablespoons olive oil Directions: Place grated zucchini in a colander over the sink. Add salt and gently toss to combine; […]

Welcome to Our Y Educational Programs

The Y Whittlesea is constantly reviewing and evaluating its curriculum to ensure we are providing high quality programs and services. We hope to create a curriculum that exposes children to learning experiences to help them transition into school and also use later on in life. We are very excited to introduce our suite of Y […]

A Reflective Activity for Parents/Carers

Via Australian Childhood Foundation Children and young people learn about the world around them, about others and about themselves from key people in their lives. In relationships, we form beliefs about what we know to be true about ourselves and about the world around us which we carry forward with us into adulthood. Parents and […]

Philbert in Tokyo

Tell us the story! Get creative and take us on an adventure. Philbert is off to Tokyo! Can you tell us about some of his favourite swimming
strokes and how he went in his races? Did he win any medals?

UPDATE: We Are Live On Xplor

This week, we are excited to introduce our new Child Care Management System for families and services! As we expected, we ran into a few hiccups along the way, but were able to rectify the problems. We are so grateful for the patience and support we have received from families during this system transition. Although […]

This Month’s Recipe – Butter Chicken & Rice

Perfect on a cold winters night. Get the children together and cook this yummy Butter Chicken and Rice recipe. One of our Early Learning favourites!

Arts & Crafts Activity – Snail Finger Dot Painting

Materials you will need: Paints Paint palette Plain paper (painted with a snail, or you can draw one!) Coloured paper is also a good alternative How to create: Choose 3-6 coloured paints. Place paints into palette. Grab your paper with a snail drawn on it. Show to children. Demonstrate to the children what they are […]

Daily Dialogue with Your Child

Creating meaningful conversations with your child after child care can be a great way for them to build communication skills and a great way for you as a parent to learn about your child. Here are five examples of meaningful conversation starters (from Focus on friends Children express themselves easier by talking about their […]

Orchard Road ELC- June Update

Effective Mentoring Program Congratulations to Kerrie and Rosa who recently completed the Effective Mentoring Program. This qualification allows mentors to guide and support provisional registered early childhood teachers or school teachers towards full registration. Emergency Drills Every two months at Orchard Road we practice one of emergency evacuation process. This could include a fire evacuation, […]

Diggers Rest ELC – June Update

This term we have been focusing on safety by practicing lockdowns, fire evacuations, yard checks and street safety checks. We have also been out and about this month on our nature walks and attending the Sunbury community library as an excursion with some of our parent helpers. We were very excited to start our Instagram […]

Galada Kindergarten – June Update

Outdoor Transformation Term 2 at Galada Kindergarten was full of excitement and changes. We experienced a total transformation of our outdoor area, which was the biggest highlight of the last two months. The process was challenging but also had many positives as it forced us as a team to work even more closely with each […]

Mill Park Heights – June Update

Official Yard Launch! On Tuesday May 18th, we held the official launch of our renovated yard. The yard upgrade project was funded by the Victorian State Government and The Y Whittlesea. The launch was attended by a number of representatives from both The Y and council, with the Honourable Minister Lily D’Ambrosio joining the children [...]

Importance of outdoor play throughout the year

It goes without saying that children engaging in outdoor play is just as significant to their physical, social, emotion and mental development as being indoors. By exploring the outdoor environment children are provided with a range of opportunities and experiences designed to strengthen their gross motor skills and fine motor skills crucial to their overall […]

XPLOR Update

Exciting news! We will have a new sign in and out platform commencing mid – late July for all families and services. We are moving away from our current sign in process, account keeping platform QikKids & My Family Lounge and moving across to XPLOR as our preferred Childcare Management System. XPLOR has many functions […]

How do I know my child is ready for toilet training?

You might see signs that your child is ready for toilet training from about two years on. Some children show signs as early as 18 months, and some might be older than two years. It might be time for toilet training if your child:• Is walking and can sit for short periods of time.• Is […]

Job opportunities at Y Whittlesea

The Y Whittlesea team is growing! Want to work for a values based organisation in the local community? We currently have lots of job opportunities including: ▪️ Early Childhood and Family Inclusion Support Coordinator ▪️ Disability Camp Support Worker ▪️ Home and Community Support Worker ▪️ Disability Services Program Coordinator ▪️ Early Childhood Educator (Assistant […]

FREE Child restraint fitting and check

First Monday of every month at Orchard Road Community and Early Learning Centre from 10am-2pm. Bookings essential via Doreen – 3 May 2021 – Safe Seats Safe Kids

Diggers Rest ELC- April Update

Hi families what an amazing and busy first term, please read below some of our incredible highlights over the last few weeks. We started our year off with our amazing Henny Penny incursion week, this was lots of fun and the children showed great interest in our chicken’s life cycle and we all learnt that […]

Mill Park Heights- April Update

Community Walks/All Abilities Park As our yard is currently being upgraded, our educators have been taking the opportunity to utilise the All Abilities Park up the road from us. The children have enjoyed the whole experience, walking and learning about our community and the nature around us. Community Events At our centre, we respect cultural […]

Sustainability at Galada Kindergarten

Embedding sustainability into our everyday practices and program is something we strive for at Galada Kindergarten. By teaching children about the importance of sustainable living, we are helping the children develop an understanding of our impact on the environment, and minimising our future impact on the world. Through hands-on experiences children have been exploring environmental […]

Galada Kindergarten- April Update

During Term 1, we have concentrated on working collaboratively with families to settle all the children into our care. Through the term, the children participated in many activities and acknowledged cultural celebrations such as Lunar New Year Celebrations, Shrove Tuesday, Harmony Day, Holi Festival of Colours and Easter. All those activities provided the children with […]

Orchard Road ELC- April Update

Here at ORCELC we pride ourselves of having an inclusive and respectful environment for all children, families, and educators. During the past 3 months we have celebrated and acknowledged many cultural events that reflect our centres diversity. We have celebrated by either a dress up day, sharing and reading stories, throwing powder paint, sharing & […]


Play can often be overlooked as just a simple activity that children engage in to pass time. However, it is possibly the most valuable teaching tool we can utilise. Play-based learning involves a combination of spontaneous and planned activities centred around play, with the intention being to promote learning. It can be child-led or planned […]

Sink or Float Activity

Grab something to write or type with, it’s time for an experiment! In this activity, we give you a list of items to choose from and you have to guess whether they will sink or float. Then, with a parent present, you can collect the items and test them out either in your bathtub or […]

How to Make Coloured Salt

Making coloured salt is a fun activity that you can do at home with items from the pantry. You will need: 1 Clear Jar Salt Chalk A piece of paper Instructions: Step 1) Pour some salt onto a piece of paper Step 2) Rub a piece of chalk into the salt until it starts to […]

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Making dreamcatchers is a fun arts and crafts activity that has its roots in Native American traditions. Dreamcatchers can be made with everyday items that can be found around the house, so make sure you use your imagination to think of different ways you can decorate your dreamcatcher! You will need: A paper plate A […]

How to Make Footpath Chalk Paint

This kid-friendly footpath paint combines paint with chalk for an extra fun version. When you children paint the footpath chalk onto the driveway or footpath, it will dry into a pretty chalk creation later. Just like chalk, this outdoor chalk paint will vanish with water. This simple footpath paint practically guarantees your kids will have […]