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Family seminar series

About the seminars

Join the Y online for a series of educational seminars designed to provide you with insights, knowledge and skills for raising children. Hosted by a range of leading Australian psychologists, authors and family experts each seminar covers topics including: 

  • anxiety
  • emotions
  • tantrums
  • wellbeing
  • family dynamics.

These seminars are a must-see for any parent, grandparent, carer or educator who supports little people to grow.

Registration is free for all members and families at the Y.

Latest seminar

9 ways to a resilient child Justin Coulson


Developing strength, calm and kindness in our kids

“How can I help my child be more resilient?”

This is a question Dr. Justin Coulson often hears from worried mums and dads. Based on his best-selling book 9 Ways to a Resilient Child, this session shows parents how to help their children cope powerfully and positively with the challenges that life throws at them. 

This presentation is one of Justin’s most popular with powerful stories and illustrations that every parent can relate to.

He explains:

  • the factors that help and hinder resilience
  • why common advice such as “toughen up Princess” doesn’t work
  • how competition and praise may undermine resilience.

Past seminars


Family Seminar Series- Dr Jodi Richardson Whittlesea YMCA Kindergarten


Little People, Big Feelings square asset


See what families have to say after attending one of our seminars

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Fine Motor Activities for children and why are they important for children’s development?

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