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alt: "Educator reading with 4 children sitting on the floor"

10 Tips for Reading with Autistic Children

You likely know that reading with young children is very helpful for their language and literacy development; this is also true for autistic children. When adults read to their autistic child in an interactive way (sometimes known as “shared...

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Embracing Inclusivity: A Closer Look at Our Early Learning Centres

Every child deserves a space where they can learn, play, and thrive, and at Y Whittlesea we work collaboratively with local communities, families and children to provide a fair and inclusive environment for all children. As we celebrate International...

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alt: "mother and daughter prepare for school"

9 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Child for Starting School

The journey of starting school can be an exciting yet stressful time for both parents and children. To ensure a smooth transition and set the stage for school success, it’s essential to prepare your child for school in the...

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